29060 Beef Base

Dr. Oetker and ETO bases are great products that may be used as a stock base to make soups or gravies from scratch.  To create a wonderful rice pilaf, cook rice in Dr. Oetker or ETO soup base to enhance the flavour and appearance.  Vegetables can also be cooked with this product, to enhance the flavour.  When used as a seasoning, Dr. Oetker and ETO soup bases are great products that can be used to boost the flavour of stews, meat loaves and meat pies. These products are very easy to prepare; simply dissolve mix in boiling water, stir and simmer. 




  • No Added MSG
  • Contains less than 5% of Fat content from Trans Fat



Yield: 157L


Pack Size: 10 lb pail




Glucose solids, salt, beef, fat, hydrolyzed plant protein (soya, corn, wheat), potato starch, caramel, onion powder, yeast extract, spices, garlic powder, whey powder, beef extract, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, sulphites