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83122 Creme Caramel Mix, Cooked


Dr. Oetker makes serving this superb and elegant dessert easy. Simply add Dr. Oetker Crème Caramel mix to cold milk, stir custard mixture into boiling milk, cook, portion into custard cups coated with Dr. Oetker Crème Caramel Sauce, chill for two hours and serve.  Consistent results every time! Crème Caramel is a silky, smooth custard coupled with a delicious caramel sauce.  Dr. Oetker Crème Caramel Sauce is ready to use and conveniently packed in a plastic bottle with a spout for easy dispensing.  For variety decorate Dr. Oetker Crème Caramel with fresh fruit and mint leaves. For extra pizzazz top with whipped cream.  Dr. Oetker Crème Caramel Mix and Sauce is an ideal product for banquets, buffets, airline feedings and many institutional facilities.  Dr. Oetker Crème Caramel Mix and Sauce has no gluten added.  Because Dr. Oetker Crème Caramel has a soft texture it is an ideal option for texture/consistency modified diets.




  • No Gluten Added
  • Trans Fat Free



Yield: 116 x 125 mL


Pack Size: 2 x 1 kg





Sugar, cornstarch, whole egg powder, carrageenan, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, artificial flavour, colour