Dr. Oetker Foodservice has the widest range of regular and dietetic mixes available. Our high standards for great taste, consistency and versatility mean you can trust Dr. Oetker to deliver products that make your menu offering an unqualified success every time!

Dessert Mixes

Choose from a wide range of mousse mixes, chiffons, instant and cooked puddings, jelly powders and speciality desserts

Savoury Mixes

Dry mix bases, sauces and gravies that deliver consistency and quality at a suprisingly low cost

Drink Mixes

A wide selection of Low Calorie Flavour Crystals

Dietary Specialty Mixes

Address the needs of your dysphagia patients with Ultra Thick

Baking Aids and Baking Mixes

A variety of baking aid and mix products that are easy to prepare and economical