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Dietitians Corner


Dr. Oetker is an innovator in developing dietetic products which are unique and exquisite in taste.  Recognizing the importance of a full dietetic line, Dr. Oetker provides one of the largest selections in many product categories and flavours.  The Dr. Oetker dietetic product portfolio includes products sweetened with Aspartame available in Calorie Reduced and Low Calorie.  With such a wide product range, Dr. Oetker makes menu planning quick and easy!  All dietetic products have nutrition information clearly displayed on each label along with the Canadian Diabetes Association’s food choice values.


Dietetic products are most often given to diabetic patients or to those on reduced diets.  They are also given to patients and nursing home residents who have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). The versatility in texture of Dr. Oetker dietetic products satisfies many texture/ consistency modified diet requirements.  Because Dr. Oetker dietetic products have such a great flavour profile nursing and retirement homes usually serve these dietetic products to all residents.



To successfully meet the demands of various calorie controlled, sugar controlled, sodium controlled, weight reduction and diabetic diets, Dr. Oetker provides a wide range of dietetic products which meet the low calorie, calorie reduced and low sodium requirements. 


Dr. Oetker dietetic products are the healthy alternative!


FDA Definitions of Nutrient Content Claims*



Calorie Reduced


At least 25% fewer calories per reference amount than an appropriate reference food.  Reference food may not be “Low Calorie”



Low Calorie


Less than 40 calories per reference amount


Low Sodium


140 mg or less per reference amount (and per 50 g if reference amount is small) Meals and main dishes: 140 mg or less per 100g


*Source: FDA @

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